Client Reviews

Robin is my attorney of record for many things.

I first came to Robin when she was working at another Law Firm. She has helped me with divorce concerns, wills, trusts, property, and debtor harassment, to name a few, She has since formed her own firm and I have used her and her firm for almost ten years now, and have always been pleased with everyone at her firm I have had the pleasure to meet. They have always treated me like family (especially Robin) and highly recommend her and her whole firm for just about all your legal needs. If she or none of her attorneys can help you they will certainly know someone who can.

- (5 star review)

A lawyer who cares

I was afraid to approach hiring a lawyer as I had never worked with one before. I spoke to a few others but upon my first conversation with Robin, I felt reassured and confident that my case would be taken care of. Any worries I had been losing sleep over were put to rest. I was treated like a friend/family member by every member of her office. I am forever grateful from my experience in working with Robin Sowell, involved associates, and the office staff. I absolutely recommend her services and those of her team without hesitation.

- (5 star review)


When I sought for a Family Law Attorney, my drivers were to find an Attorney that exhibited ETHICAL, MORAL, compassionate, professional character (above having expertise in Family Law). I interviewed many attorneys and chose Julia. She FAR EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS!

Her spiritual foundation lead us because she knew that I was not seeking divorce, I was seeking reconciliation. And because we had children, Julia was even more keen to seek reconciliation. Even against all odds, she never waivered, was always supportive, LISTENED to me whilst advising me. She was trustworthy.

Julia was extremely creative, patient, and compassionate whilst remaining tough when she needed to be during negotiations, etc. Julia never lost focus of our end goal and we succeeded. After a very painful separation, we reconciled. I have Julia to thank because she worked with her heart whilst navigating through all the worldview, secular legal system. She kept the faith that God’s Will is peace, not war; marriage, not divorce; love, not hate; forgiveness, not revenge.

Thank God for Julia, my Angel of Righteousness. If you are seeking an Attorney that works with her heart, ethics in place, sound legal knowledge, creative, with excellent communication style and accountability, Julia is your solution.

Blessed is he who seeks an Angel of Righteousness.
Thank you Julia for your faith. Matthew 19: 26

- (5 star review)

Julia Bancroft Saved The Day!

There had never been so much stress in my life. I had been served with papers for a frivolous lawsuit, and the attorneys I had talked to about my case did not inspire confidence. In fact, I was as stressed about finding an attorney I could trust as I was about the actual lawsuit.

Then I discussed the case with Julia Bancroft. The first thing she did was listen, then asked several questions. I was amazed at her diligence in how she handled my case. She explained the reality of our case and the most likely outcomes.

In the end, her diligence paid off as she found proof that my accusers were fraudulent and got the suit dismissed with no future danger to me.

Our family will forever be grateful to Julia Bancroft for the work she has done, but most importantly for her diligence and integrity.

We now have an attorney we can trust and know that her recommendations are carefully constructed and thought out. I have never seen any professional as concerned about the well-being of their clients as this woman. She is an outstanding lawyer and a truly amazing woman.

I fully endorse Julia Bancroft and recommend her to anyone who needs legal advise.

- (5 star review)

Julia has deep expertise in child support matters with a broad legal background

Julia has deep expertise in child support/family law matters with a broad legal background from prior experience. She recently assisted me in a matter and I would recommend her highly. My case involved an individual that had a technical arrearage and she knows the process to settle these matters properly in Texas. Most importantly, she cares about the human side of the issues.

- (5 star review)

Need help with a name change? Look no further!

After twelve years, I decided to go back to my maiden name. But the more I read on the internet, the more I realized I needed a LAWYER! I found Julia Bancroft and I couldn’t be happier! She made a difficult process EASY and she walked me through the six month process. She accompanied me on my court date and everything was GREAT! I can’t say enough good things about Julia. I recommend her with no reservations.

- (5 star review)

Our Guardian Angel

When my husband and I first found Julia, it was through the recommendation of a former client. We had never dealt with family law before so we were pretty worried about our outcome. From the first phone call with Julia, I knew that my nights of crying were over. Julia made me feel so at ease and gave me the reassurance that I needed to keep fighting for my little girl. Our case was a difficult one because I moved out of state with my then 2 year old daughter. Her father decided after giving me permission, that he and his family wanted to take me to court to gain custody of my little girl. Although I live in Massachusetts, Julia kept in contact with me whether it was by phone or email. She made sure that I was informed every step of the way. If I had a concern, she was very good about getting back to me to answer any questions I may have had. Julia’s honesty and ethics go above and beyond and the wonderful staff at Sowell Alvares and Walls are wonderful as well. I must say that after a year of hard work and dedication and of going back to court numerous times that Julia Bancroft won our case. Julia Bancroft is the kind of person that anybody would love to know and the kind of person that my family has the honor of knowing. I have never met a more dedicated and selfless person to her job and her clients. She sacrificed so much of her time to prepare a case that would ultimately get us a win. Julia was our light at the end of the tunnel and we are forever thankful for her. She is truly a new member of our Family.

- (5 star review)

Outstanding and Impressive in knowledge, professionalism and integrity

I contacted Julia regarding a case involving child support. Julia spent time with me explaining what had been happening on my case and what needed to be done. She has a calm and reassuring manner and spent time listening to my situation and finding the best approach for me. I believe she is of the highest integrity because she was open about what she felt she could accomplish for me and gave me alternatives that could save me money. Many attorneys want to immediately discuss their retainer. Julia wanted to know as much as possible about my legal problem first. She was very honest and knowledgeable about family law matters and I felt she truly had my best interest foremost in her heart. I have the highest opinion of Julia and how she helped me and would help others.

- (5 star review)